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Hex Rally Racers

QA Lead | 60 developers | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Hex Rally Racers is a 3D arcade racing game for PC where players race on flying brooms through wild twisting and turning tracks, combining ingredients to craft potions to be used against other players. Race through six stunning tracks in a chaotic race against seven other witches, or against three friends at the same time in multiplayer split-screen!

My Responsibilities

Roles:   Producer, Pickups Lead, Track Maintenace Lead, and QA Project Lead

Wearing a variety of hats during our Hex Rally Racer project, my responsibilities included:

  • Coordinated between teams within    level design as well as the other disciplines. Our level design division was twice the size of the other disciplines and required more management. 

  • Scrubbed the Jira bug board daily. 

  • Reporting actionable items after QA tests.

  • Selected and scheduled Kleenex testers.

  • Lead multiple teams.

  • Scheduled daily tasks and coordinated with the level design lead


Our team, learning we got greenlit on steam.

Lessons Learned

The three main takeaways:

1.  Be positive but realistic.

This is a hard balance but one that is successful when executed right. No one likes to be fruitlessly told they are doing a good job when they aren't, at the same time you can't drag your team down by showing how dire things may actually be. 

2.  Work with others who may not like working with you. 

Philosophies might not align. You may see pitfalls the others won't acknowledge. You may see injustice or mistreatment of a teammate. Put the team's mental health first regardless of personal feelings. Do all you can to speak up and out in a professional manner. 

3.  Motivate.

As a lead when your developers struggle around you. Grab some cookies or donuts on the way to work. Chat and make sure their work is seen and their opinions acknowledged. Nothing helps motivate a person than knowing they are accepted, and their work is useful. 

I'm proving who the best racer is.

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