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Conjury Revell

Producer | 30 developers | May 2022 - Dec 2022

Conjury Revell is a first-person shooter with wave-based arena combat. Play as a rebellious dissident fighting to rid their world of magical oppression and forge a better future for their city in the clouds.

My Responsibilities

Roles:   Sole Producer

To move into a role in charge of nearly 30 peers was exhilarating; my responsibilities included:

  • Opening and closing announcements so team members knew of any updates the leads had discussed or stakeholder feedback. 

  • Checking tasks and bug boards to make sure work was on track

  • Recruiting playtesters to play through our game and document feedback.

  • Maintaining an environment where developers felt like they were heard and could work to their best ability. 


I am proud of my team's hard work

Lessons Learned

The three main takeaways:

1.  Preproduction is vital to establish a shared vision.

We believed that we were working toward a Gothic steampunk shooter. We all were, but in our heads, as each milestone passed, the vision began to change. The grapple mechanic that had been centric in preproduction development was cut in mid-development. This caused the vision to be re-established, taking time from development. 

2.  Don't stick with a tool that very few want to use.

Jira wasn't working for our development team beyond the programmers; toward the end of the project, we maintained the Jira board for the programmers but also added a physical Kanban board. The Kanban board really helped the designers and artists track their tasks better. 

3. Cutting all at once is better than a little each time. 

Death by a thousand paper cuts is what I think of when I look back on the moral over the course of our project. A paper cut by itself hurts but can be healed; at each milestone, we cut something developers spent hours on. If maybe we could have evaluated all that we needed to cut at the start, we could have bypassed the demoralization at the end. 


Completed tasks at the end of the project.

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