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Welcome to my site!
I'm Marlo

I am a multifaceted producer who specializes in Agile and Scrum. I have led a team of 60 developers on my first shipped game as a QA lead.  I most recently shipped a game as a sole producer of a team of 30. 

Click on the links below to see the shipped games. 

Game Projects

Conjury Revell

Role: Sole Producer

Team size: 30

Genre: FPS

Engine: Unreal 4 

Platform: PC

Conjury Revell is an FPS Action game set in a steampunk gothic world.  I led as the sole producer on a 30-person team. 

Hex Rally Racers

Role: Producer & QA Project Lead

Team size: 60 

Genre: Racer

Engine: Unreal 4

Platform: PC

Hex Rally Racers is a cute, local multiplayer racer.  Not only was I a producer for 60 developers, but I also led my own team of 10 designated QA testers. 

Cotton Valley

Role: Level Designer

Team size: 5

Genre: Puzzle

Engine: Unity

Platform: Mobile

Cotton Valley is a top-down puzzle game where a dog must race against time to herd alien cotton sheep into pens for Farmer Brown. I was a level designer for the tutorial section.


  • Agile

  • Communication

  • Excel

  • Google Tools

  • Jira

  • Kanban

  • Microsoft Tools

  • Scrum

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